Who is behind CrowdForce?
The team behind CrowdForce are a group of experts who have varying experiences across Banking, Consumer Research and Finance. The co-founders were part of the team that built the most successful banking solution for microfinance banks in Sub-saharan Africa and have also executed successful projects in Financial Services and consumer research in urban and hard to reach areas in Africa. CrowdForce is built on the back of Mobile Forms, the first offline distribution network for market research and surveys, backed by leading traditional investors and Angels such as;

  • 500 Startups, one of the leading tech-accelerators in the world,
  • DraperDarkflow, A silicon valley VC fund investing in African startups that can change the world.
  • Ventures Platform, a Pan-African venture capital firm
  • Binary Financial
What makes up the CrowdForce ecosystem?
Our ecosystem consists of local and international partners, clients, payment providers, money lending services, digital wallets, Crypto exchange platforms and the agent network that acts as a bridge to providing digital services to the mass market. We are already working with 7,000 field agents and have 100,000 more on the waitlist.
What is the difference between CrowdForce and similar projects?
Bringing the next billion consumers in emerging markets to the digital economy requires a human touch to build trust, faith and access to consumers. We are empowering local SMEs, Students and youths to act as the bridge to providing digital services to the mass market. This also provides them extra income on a daily basis and takes more people away from the poverty line.
Will there by KYC?
Yes, there will be KYC.
Why Tokenize?
Creating CRF tokens that interact with the CrowdForce platform allows the network to have aligned goals and incentives, not dependent on the future nature of another cryptocurrency and provides the flexibility to grow our own network and keep transaction fees low.
Where is Crowdforce Incorporated?
CRF tokens are being generated and held by Quifas Inc on behalf of token holders. Quifas Inc is a company incorporated in Seychelles and operating under Seychelles law.
Which Countries will Crowdforce focus on to build the ecosystem?
The initial target market is sub-saharan Africa with plans to expand to other markets including the Middle east, india and latin america in 2020.
How will Crowdforce token be used?

Crowd Force Revenue Model comes from the following

  • Transaction Fees / Commissions: Transaction fees of between 0.2 % to 1% will be charged on all microservices transactions executed by the agents to consumers. In different cases Both the businesses and agents or either the agent or business will bear the transaction fee.
  • Other Fees: As the agent network grows (up to 1 million agents) , it equally becomes more valuable to Digital Identity, Lending, Marketing , Advertising, educational and other services. The platform may collect other fees for this new business opportunities.

CRF will be accepted as payment for any of the above fees at a significant discount of 50%. In the future , CrowdForce will build her own Blockchain Platform and adopt the CRF token as the key base asset and gas for the platform.

How does Crowdforce Incorporate the Blockchain Technology?

CrowdForce is building up a offline distribution network of agent banks to help drive adoption of financial, digital and other inclusion services in the 3 billion unbanked and underbanked customer segments in emerging markets.

These chain management will be done with the use of decentralized applications (DAPP) built up on the Ethereum Blockchain (and the CrowdForce Blockchain platform in the future) and users interactions will be governed by smart contracts. Crowdforce also plans to record Verified Agents data hashed function results to the Ethereum blockchain by batches, but store actual users data (scans, sensitive personal data) in a blockchain-based storage network like Storj , Filecoin or another equivalent blockchain.

This similar scope of features is planned to be integrated for the consumers as well, as this gives the CrowdForce Platform an opportunity to set up a framework for Digital Identity solution in Africa and other emerging markets.

Verified users will be able to prove their verified digital identity within CrowdForce Platform by signing messages from privately controlled Ethereum addresses and smart contracts integrated to the ecosystem.

Where can one buy cryptocurrency?
You can buy it for cash or via bank transfer at localbitcoins.net. You can buy it via bank transfer at any of the popular exchanges, such as coinbase.com. The full list is published at www.cryptocoincharts.info/markets/info
Will there be a Bounty program? What will the rewards be paid for?
Our Bounty program is a referral program. A referral link can be obtained in your account at tokensale.crowdforce.io. Your referral results can also be tracked through your account.
Are you planning a referral program
Our referral program is already in operation. A referral link can be obtained in your account at tokensale.crowdforce.io. Your referral results can also be tracked through your account.
How can I pay? How long does it take for the payment to arrive? What are the fees?
You can make a payment by transferring ETH funds from any ERC20 compatible wallet. When paying in cryptocurrencies, transaction fee is charged by the relevant blockchain infrastructure. You set the transaction fee amount, and the transaction speed is determined by the network availability and the fee amount you set.
Do you have a cap for the funds you want to collect?
Yes! The target is 500,000,000 CRF tokens.
When is the pre token sales?
For details on our pre token sales dates and discounts, please refer to our blog post announcements.
Do CRF tokens comply with ERC-20 standard? Can they be transferred to an external ETH wallet?
Yes, they do. And yes, you can.
What is the token distribution?
The total token supply is capped at 1 Billion CRF tokens, of which 50 percent will be available during the tokensale. Tokens allocated to the team and advisors will be locked for 2 years with a vesting schedule.
What bonus did pre-sale participants receive? Is this bonus locked?
For details on our token bonuses, please refer to our blog post announcements.
Who can participate in the ICO?
You do not have the right and shouldn’t buy CRF tokens if you are (i) a green card holder of the United States of America, or (ii) a citizen or a resident (tax or otherwise) of the United States of America, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of United States, or any other possessions of the United States of America, People’s Republic of China, Somalia or South Korea, or person of that states, or (iii) a citizen or resident (tax or otherwise) of any country or territory where transactions with digital tokens and/or digital currencies are prohibited or in any other manner restricted by applicable laws. (“Person” is generally defined as a natural person residing in the relevant state or any entity organized or incorporated under the laws of the relevant state).
Do I need a special wallet for the tokens?
An ERC-20 Compatible wallet.
Who can I call to speak directly with someone at CrowdForce?
Please send an email to hello@crowdforce.io
Can I work for CrowdForce?
Thanks for your interest. You can check our website for opportunities or send your CV to hr@crowdforce.io